2018 QCA ArtPort

Meet the Artists in Residence

Session 1 - April - June

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Gideon Jacobs & Lexie Smith - Landing Pages, Ridgewood

Landing Pages is a project by Gideon Jacobs and Lexie Smith that delivers stories to travelers in flight.

From April to June 30th, 2018, passengers boarding a plane at LaGuardia Airport’s Marine Terminal (Terminal A) can visit the Landing Pages kiosk and drop off their flight number and phone number or email. Once their plane is airborne, Smith and Jacobs will have the duration of their flight to write them a story. These stories may take many forms—prose, poetry, illustration, and more—but all stories will arrive on the passenger’s phone when their flight touches down and they regain cell service. If a passenger isn’t comfortable giving their contact information, they can find their story at www.LandingPages.nyc, which will serve as a public archive for all the stories written.

The Landing Pages kiosk will also serve as a workspace for Jacobs and Smith, and exist as a living archive for the project. Every story will be printed and displayed in real time, and copies will be made available for all visitors to take home as a free souvenir.

visit the landing Pages Website here

Session 2 - July - September

Sandra Lopez-Monsalve Portrait.jpg

Sandra Lopez-Monsalve, East Elmhurst

Sandra will create a Sonic Exploration of LaGuardia through three projects: 1. Voices of LaGuardia - a collection of short interviews that will ask travelers a single question to reflect on what it means to travel. 2. Sonomap/soundwalks - a compiled sound piece that will be made from sounds from nature. Travelers will be able to listen to these guided sound pieces in the studio space as well as on the internet. 3. Radio-style stories about different aspects of LaGuardia, including its history and the mural in the Marine Air Terminal.

Session 3 - October - December


Sherwin Banfield,  Astoria

Sherwin will be doing a series of on-site drawing and portraits of the airport and its travelers. He will then use them as studies to create a sculpted murals, which  " will be a combination of Terminal A’s rich Art Deco architectural design, the energy and movement within the space of this New York City landmark and it’s reflection of the diversity of Queens’ Culture."

Session 4 - January - March 2019

Brian Soliwoda Portrait.jpg

Brian Soliwoda, Sunnyside

Brian will construct a Clipper sailing ship - an homage to the origins of the seaplanes which were the initial vessels to pass through the Marine Air Terminal. The materials used will be inspired by the diversity of NYC's immigration history, including tea leaves, tulip seeds, rice and millet, and the potato. These plant materials will be sewn onto fabric to create the ship's sails, while the hull of the ship will be made from papier-mâché

The QCA ArtPort Residency, a new program of the Queens Council on the Arts (QCA) – in collaboration with the Port Authority New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), LaGuardia Airport – will offer a unique opportunity to a Queens artist to interact with the thousands of visitors that come through the region daily within the airport, and bring an engaging cultural experience to the space.



Founded in 1921, PANYNJ builds, operates, and maintains many of the most important transportation and trade infrastructure assets in the country. The agency’s network of aviation, ground, rail, and seaport facilities is among the busiest in the country, supports more than 550,000 regional jobs, and generates more than $23 billion in annual wages and $80 billion in annual economic activity. PANYNJ also owns and manages the 16-acre World Trade Center site, where the 1,776-foot-tall One World Trade Center is now the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. PANYNJ receives no tax revenue from either the State of New York or New Jersey or from the City of New York. The agency raises the necessary funds for the improvement, construction or acquisition of its facilities primarily on its own credit. For more information, please visit http://www.panynj.gov.

The Marine Air Terminal ("Terminal A"), located at LaGuardia Airport, is the only active airport terminal dating from the first generation of passenger travel in the US. Originally built to handle seaplanes, the Marine Air Terminal, an Art Deco building designed in 1939 by the firm Delano & Aldrich, consists of a central two-story rotunda with an attic, a rectangular entrance pavilion and two one-story wings on either side. The rotunda features a skylight, and a mural called Flight by James Brooks, created as part of the Works Progress Administration program.

The terminal was designated as a New York City landmark in 1980.

In LaGuardia Airport's overall terminal naming scheme, the Marine Air Terminal is called "Terminal A."