Artist of the Month - Aileen Mendez

Aileen Mendez, 17
High School of Fashion Industries
Brooklyn, NY
hs2as, Summer 2015


Hello! My name is Aileen Mendez v. I'm from Brooklyn. New York. I'm rising senior at the High School of Fashion Industries. The arts for me revolve mostly around fashion, though throughout this summer I was able to view art through the eyes of an artist, and learn the different techniques used by other artist as well as my peers in order to create a story. I can honestly say that creating artwork that speaks to the public isn't an easy task, but not impossible.  My work is about the unstable and gruesome ways of looking at things. I guess it also defines how each person can look at certain pieces and create their own story out of it.

What do you like about HS2AS program?

I guess that you get a wider range as to different art techniques and to know that there isn't only one way to draw the body, hand, or face, or even a simple object 

How has it influenced you and your artwork so far?

The fact that you have to research I order to execute a specific drawing is something I will definitely be using in my designs, I also realized that throughout this program I was able to learn how to view things as an artist and not just as a designer 

What is your big dream as an artist?  

To become a designer, to be able to create something that speaks to the world not only through art but as well, through fashion 

What have you learned about art?

That it's very diverse, and complex within it techniques. Perhaps that idea that not only can you find a story out of a painting or photograph, but it goes much more beyond that. 

What do you get out of going to museums and visiting artists?

In a sense, to try to understand how an artist was able to create such a piece and to learn how he or she used his piece to bring certain idea or concern or even how he or she views the world. 

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