Artist of the Month - Brittany moodie

What do you like about HS2AS?

I like that this art program did not fail on me to give further instructions on how to improve my work and my instructors helped me look further into my artwork to find a deeper meaning on why I should use different medias.  


What are you excited about for the Fall?

I'm excited about this fall session because I'm a little scared about preparing for my essays and portfolios for college. But I'm mostly excited that I was accepted into HS2AS because they can help can help me with my college admissions problems.


What do you get out of going to museums and visiting artists?

When we visit museums and artists, it helps us look at how other artists approach art and how they conquer it in their own style. When we go out to see museums we observe the art and notice how the artists use certain techniques, media, and concept to convey their ideas. But when we visit artists, they get to introduce themselves to us students so we can understand what kind of person they are. And I think getting to personally know the artist, lets you have upper hand in judging their art appropriately because you have a better understanding about the artist.