Artist of the Month - Cheyenne Tobias

Cheyenne Tobias.JPG

What do you like about HS2AS?

The variety of opportunities that is available to us. We do so many things and have so many opportunities to discover new areas of art.

How has it influenced you and your artwork so far?

I've been opened to the world of art, it feels like I've really expanded my art knowledge and i couldn't really say before this that I had a wide variety if art knowledge. I just feel generally more informed so I can make more informed decisions about art I love to make.

What is your big dream as an artist?

I don't even know. I love to create, but Ive been down to so many things that I still have very unclear vision of what I want to do. My big dream I guess is to be a successful writer and installation artist. But also as an artist of the people, I always think of Basquiat he meant a lot on a larger level.

What have you learned about art?

SO MUCH! That symbolism in a straight forward way can sometimes be too easy. That generalization is usually the problem when we don't draw enough from observation. That making something convincing when you're using materials involves transformation of materials so you feel the affect of the message. That there are millions of different ways to draw and how crucial drawing is to making art. As well as the different ways of how art forms overlap. Also about how to create effective artwork and recognize why artwork is effective.

What do you get out of going to museums and visiting artists?

I feel like I learn more about myself as an artist. I learn about who I am and where I am as an artist and where I want to go. I also learn more about all of my options and all the possibilities of what you can do in art, what's been done, its fuel for inspiration. I feel like I get a better sense of also how to do what I want to do. What looks successful and what looks interesting.


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