Artist of the Month - Danuta Petrow-Sek

Danuta Petrow-Sek.jpg

"Lesson I learned and advice to others is never give up in your dreams, always keep trying, listen and learn from others,..."

My adventure with dance I started when I was 10 years old . I revived my BA in Dance from Poland where I performed in ballet , musicals and modern dance work. Than I completed my graduate study and received MA in Dance Pedagogy. During that period of time I work as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in Poland .

My experience in dance and choreography I received also during many different venues like : workshops , grands ,awards in Europe and USA. For a last 13 years I'm trying to continue work and study about dance in USA at the some time raising my two children . I completed my second BA in Dance and Theatre at Queens College with awards and honors where I also choreograph students showcases .

Individual Artist Initiative Award from QCA  gave me the opportunity to create and perform with my own solo-work .Recently I apply to NYU in Dance Education where I need to complete my 11 missing credits for certificate and license as dance educator. To be able to continue my work as dancer, educator and choreographer in USA I will search for possibilities to make my dream come true.

What is your big dream as an artist?
I name it "7 T",
To be a part of an art community in Queens;
To collaborate with other artists and learn from each other;
To share my knowledge about dance and thru dance;
To create a work with value and quality;
To make people sensitive on art and art important in people's lives;
To build a group of friends coming back to watch my work;
To show passion for art through my work.

 What is your biggest fear, frustration or challenge right now?
Haw to make it possible?, haw to start to work with people on a piece ?are the most challenging questions  I ' m  asking myself every day. Starting from the base I need rehearsals space, dancers, performers and funding to make it possible to create. 

I need help with those practical things to be able to start and advice how to start.

How has QCA helped you?
When I received the QCA Individual Initiative Scholars (2007) I find myself very fortunate. By receiving mentoring I had an opportunity to create and perform in a small venue, I treasure it and will continue to learn as an artist from different culture. QCA is important and valuable organization for me that teaches me to move forward and make my dreams come true.

What is one thing you learned through QCA that you would give as a piece of advice to an emerging artist?
I see that QCA has a lot to offer and is a strong and creative organization because of people working for it.  Lesson I learned and advice to others is never give up in your dreams, always keep trying, listen and learn from others, make friends, love what you have, and share. All this is creative process we are in and: "because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique..."(Martha Graham).