What do you like about HS2AS program?

Other than the cold extremely cold environment, everything about this program is amazing (this is a slight exaggeration). The instructor, not only is she a great artist and teacher, she creates an enjoyable environment (in other words she has a sense of humor, unlike most teachers). That being said, at the same time she is extremely serious about our path down the “road of art”. Although I have been having an extreme lack of sleep, the non-stop work this program makes me do has been paying off and is helping me further develop, not only my portfolio, but my skill as an artist.

How has it influenced you and your artwork so far?

This program has forced me to do something I have never done, think about the meaning behind my artwork and others. I have never spent so much time in one gallery in a museum before I came into this program. In addition to that, it has furthered my skill of drawing and the processes before and after drawing (or whatever “art” may be).

What is you big dream as an artist?

To be honest, I am not sure if this is what I really hope for myself as an artist, but this is what I have been telling myself. Through my work I want to be able to create a community that cares and loves for one another.

What have you learned about art?

ART CAN LITERALLY BE ANYTHING! As long as there are ideas behind that art which a community or society then considers art.



Gooday! My name is Eli Kim and I love to “do art” as you can tell. I was born on the 10th day of sixth month known as June, 1998 years after BC. Many people say I make things a lot longer than they should be, or a lot more complicated than they should be. This both impresses and annoys people. The reason behind that is probably because I want to impress people; I don’t really want to annoy them and this came to be because I wanted attention. As an older brother of a sister two years younger than me, I always felt ignored, like she was the one “stealing” all the spotlights.  To be honest, I still hold resentment today, despite the fact that I understand I was being a selfish little boy who sought big attention. That being said I get easily jealous of people better than me.


Another thing people say about me is “Hey, he’s good at drawing!” but to be honest, I’m not the best. However I am good at folding paper hamburger style and folding plastic tables, it is something I am better at than most people. All jokes aside, I am not the best at drawing, but I do love drawing. I began drawing as early as I can recall, however I did go on multiple “few years” hiatus, but that is over now. I am hoping that sooner or later drawing will become my life.


Artist Statement

As a 17-year-old teenager, I know firsthand the façade people wear. From what I can see (in addition to my personal experiences) we build “walls” and try to recreate or write a better story for ourselves and our lives. It is only natural that people want to be better or look better in front of others and in the world we live in now.  Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (of course the list goes on and on, in other words, the Internet) give us a “blank book” where we can pick and choose our life. Whether we know it or not, we try too hard to make our lives look perfect. We are all imperfect, ugly, broken, insecure, and dark. There’s nothing to hide, why? Because in the previous sentence all those words refer to “we”, but despite that we choose to build walls and filter our lives to the other. Don’t worry I’m a victim too.


Ever since I was a child I felt like I had nothing to brag about, nothing I can use to “rise” above everybody else. I was always the “normal” one or the “unpopular” one. As a result I tried and succeeded in creating a façade, one that can make me “big” and “strong”. Eventually this fell apart and I came to understand that everybody is no different from each other within the context of imperfection. So far my work seems to be expressing these thoughts: “We try too hard to make ourselves look better to those who aren’t so different from us”. This is what my work is about. Of course this is all tentative.


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