Artist of the Month - Naomi Lisiki

Naomi Lisiki.JPG

What do you like about High School to Art School program (HS2AS)?

What I like about Hs2AS is how helpful and passionate the teachers are. I love the fact that we have 1 on 1 Discussions, which is very helpful. The teachers are professional artists and a big inspiration to the students.


How has it influenced you and your artwork so far?

It really influenced my artwork. The teachers are very motivated and encourage us to push our limits. The environment is very fun and serious. So far, I am writing more than I used to about my art and my ideas.


What is your big dream as an artist?

My big dream as an artist is to be able to make art as long as I live and in a sense be able to have one of my family. Another of my dream is to have an exhibition exposition and create new forms of art. Also, I have the dream to discover what is the original sign of the independent abstract.


What have you learned about art?

I learned that art is of the mind. The mind directed by the supreme brain, is what creates the universe, which is also made of art. Art is an idea so it is also an object.


What do you get out of going to museums and visiting artists?

By going to museums and visiting artists I learned that there were other artists that did the same visual work as me but with different intent. I opened my views t0 a wider range, which strongly influenced my work.


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