Artist Pick of the Month - Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer


What is your big dream as an artist?

For the longest time, I have always loved books and stories.  However, I grew up reading Dick & Jane and many other books that I could never really feel part of.  Nobody in these stories looked like me, talked like me or had lives like mine.  

This is a reality that puzzled me as a child.

I am a writer who draws.  It was a dream for me to write, illustrate and publish Rabbit Mooncakes, a picture book that told my story for children and contribute another perspective of life to children's literature.

What is your biggest fear, frustration or challenge right now?

Like many artists, I have many ideas for stories and not as much time as I would like to have in order to create more books.

I am also really busy as the Executive Director of the Queens Council on the Arts and I spend a lot of time helping many artists achieve success in their creative careers.  Their challenges are similar to mine which makes me work harder to find ways to overcome them.

What advice would you give to an emerging artist?

Consider your artistic dream a mission, not a passion.  People will be attracted by the passion you have for your work but they will be inspired by your mission.

You may be an emerging artist but as an artist, you possess valuable creative skills.  Consider them your superpowers.  Here's how you can gain confidence flexing your superpowers.

and I included this one for you.

How do you feel about joining the Americans for the Arts Annual Executive Leadership Forum?

I will be spending a few days with some incredibly smart leaders in the art and policy world in a beautiful place.  This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for me to exchange ideas with well know thought leaders and game changers.  

Do you want to know what I am really pumped about?

Building valuable working red-phone relationships with people I have tremendous respect for.

Finding my tribe.  

Read about how to find your tribe and flourish.