Public Art Commissioning in Jamaica & Jackson heights

ArtSite, is looking to activate spaces throughout both Jamaica and Jackson Heights, Queens through a series of temporary public art installations. ArtSite will award 8 artists with a commission to create public art in these communities, ranging anywhere from murals to performances that illuminate the different ways art can transform a community. A key goal of ArtSite is to empower artists to engage on a local level understanding that they can be a catalyst for change. QCA, along with its partners, the Jamaica Center BID in Jamaica and the 82nd street BID in Jackson Heights, seek to create a self sustaining supportive art culture in these communities.


These temporary public artworks will be installed and/or take place throughout both Jamaica and Jackson Heights in numerous different types of locations ranging from empty storefronts and store walls to plazas and parks.


Artists will be selected through an open call to be released May 25th, 2018.