Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the ArtSite partners and what are their roles?

 QCA, the 82nd Street Partnership and the Jamaica Center BID have formed a partnership as key supporters of local communities who are often approached by local artists, grass roots creative groups and businesses for opportunities to participate in events that increase vitality and civic pride. QCA will manage the ArtSite selection process working with artists and coordinate the project logistics with the BIDS. Each BID will connect, share resources and find locations.  As a team, the partnership will be marketing the project to attract attention and foot traffic in these communities. 

What is the goal of ArtSite?

QCA was awarded a workforce development grant from the NYS Regional Economic Development Council in partnership with the New York State Council on the Arts. to support our goal of creating 33 jobs for local artists in Jackson Heights and Jamaica through, commissions, paid internships and stipends and fees. QCA is proud of the fact that the state now recognizes artist commissions are equally important as other jobs in local communities. 

The state panel highly commended the choice of these 2 BIDS as our strategic partners in creating jobs and a flourishing local economy and most importantly, in supporting local artists in the centrality of their communities.

What is the panel process like? Who will be a part of the panel?

 The ArtSite selection process is split into two panels/meetings. 

The Open Call is a call for qualifications and allows the panelists to not only see past work but also the artists’ connection to these locations. 

In the first panel, panelists will review artists' past work and the potential to create a great and appropriate work for these spaces. They will select sixteen finalists and alternates who will be contacted and provided site locations and details. Finalists will have approximately three to four weeks to work on their proposal. 

In the second panel, panelists will select 8 commissioned artists and alternates.

Panelists are chosen for their appropriate expertise's and include local Queens art administrators, public art experts, NYC Parks Department and one representative from each BID. 

 Do you need to live or work in Jamaica or Jackson Heights to be eligible?

 The application is open to artists who live or work in Queens, have a studio in Queens, grew up in Queens, or demonstrate a body of work inspired by Queens, etc. If you can make a compelling case for having a strong connection to Queens, then you should apply, but know there will be many applicants that are Queens based artists with strong connections to these areas as well.

What types of art disciplines are acceptable?

 All artworks and disciplines are acceptable. We want people to be as creative as possible and encourage people to apply across disciplines from painting, film, sculpture, performance, spoken word, community engagement, etc.

 Can you apply as a collaboration or a group of artists?

 Yes. The applicants will be awarded one commission for this project but artists can apply and work together.

What do you mean by “approach” within the application?

 You should try to address the following:

·       Type of art

·       Type of location (ex: storefront window, wall, plaza)

·       Idea you want to explore

·       Connection to site

·       Show you are aware of how you can translate your materials to meet site needs if applicable.

What types of sites will be included?

The exact sites will be released later however, below are the types of sites we will be working with:

·       Storefronts:

o   Grates

o   Windows

o   Interiors

·       Plazas

·       Parks

·       Pedestrian Malls

·       Walls

Do artist choose their own fabricators or are they provided?

 Artists will choose their own fabricators but we will provide artists with a helpful list to reference if needed.

What days of the week or hours are required for the artists to be available?  Are weekends included?

 There are no required hours. We will create a schedule of installations, performances, openings, and artist talks once the artists are chosen as we will work with the artists and location partners to see what works best. Most things will be scheduled during the weekends or weekday nights.

Does the artist have to maintain the installation alone?

The artist will be responsible for installing, removing, and maintaining the work during the duration of the project.


All inquiries regarding this project should be sent to,

Public Art Coordinator, Marissa Lazar: