An author looking for a grant submitted a proposal to a funder.

“I’m a writer, how difficult could this be?”

The proposal was written beautifully.  Great looking samples, a solid budget, respectable references…

But it did not make it into the money pile.

The author read the rejection letter in disbelief.  Not again!

Impulsively, she picked up the phone and called the program officer with frenzied thoughts ricocheting in her mind.

Why didn’t I get the grant?


Is the competition so great that someone like me really has no shot at all?

Is there something I could have done better?  What?  Just tell me!

I just need to know so I don’t continue beating myself up doing this.

“I know you must be disappointed but I can tell you what the panel comments were…”  said the program officer.

The author listened in astonishment:

Is that how my proposal really came across?

Oh, so that is what they were looking for in Question #4.

Hey, who are these panelists anyway?  Hmmm…

She was so grateful to the program officer for giving her this feedback and just as important, the encouragement to learn from this experience and try again.  Instinctively, she wanted to reciprocate, to give something back to this really nice person on the other end of the line.

But what?

“Well, I am always looking for more grant panelists.  Would you be interested?”  asked the program officer.

Me?  The author was surprised but she said yes.

She learned the grant process as a panelist.

She met the funder, she met other funders, and she gave more and more of her time and growing expertise to be as helpful as possible as a grant reviewer.

The author wrote another grant and this one got funded.

And not only did she get the grant money, her proposal ranked so highly that the grant reviewers gave her an additional marketing award for her project.

Her book was published, she went on to write a bunch of other successful grants.

What is she up to these days?


If you were thinking to yourself, “Oh, I think this is Hoong Yee’s story,”  give yourself a pat on the back for being super smart.

Yes, this is my story.

This is how I began developing my grantwriting strategy that helped me become a successfully published children’s book author and allows me to do what I love – write & illustrate stories.

I was a struggling writer trying to get a grant while pursuing book deals.

I didn’t have a plan.

I was frustrated because I didn’t know how I was going to make my dream come true.

But I needed to make a change and figure out a way to support what I desperately wanted to create and to stop getting rejected time and time again every time I sent out proposals.

That grant officer gave me the chance to sit on the other side of the table.  To see what lights up a grant panelist’s eyes and what causes them to toss a proposal into the reject pile.

I began to see a pattern slowly emerge and understood how to build relationships with my funders, readers & fans who helped me to sell out of my first printing of 10,000 copies.

When I finally got the nerve to send out my second proposal, I was ready to quit if I didn’t get the grant.

Getting that award letter actually changed my life


I didn’t know it at the time but I was just getting started.

I was creating something that not only changed my life, would eventually change hundreds of lives.

After spending 15 years as the Executive Director of the Queens Council on the Arts supporting hundreds of artists with grants and resources, I feel I can talk to you about being an artist who struggled with getting grant support and how my grantwriting strategy can help you create a career & life you love.

But what about me?


I know what you’re thinking…

“You have lots of experience but me, I’m a beginner”

Everyone is a beginner.

What you can learn in my upcoming Grantwriting 101 Wrap report can help you start a practice of success.

Let’s talk about your dream.

“Getting rejected is awful.  Now what do I do?”

“This is what grantwriting feels like:  You work on your proposal, you send it out into a black hole, you wait for a letter to come shooting back to you,”  an artist said to me in a recent conversation.

Sounds like a Hail Mary type of approach to me.

But the truth is, there are real people on the other end.

And like any other kind of exchange among people, a relationship can go a long way in increasing your value.

Successful grantwriting is a practice of executed strategy.

Of redefining what No means to you.

Of turning a No into a Not Yet.

Of bulletproofing your inner confidence.

My goal is to show you a path to success in getting grants and finding funders who love you and what you do.

“I don’t have time to do all this!  I’m an artist.”

Thinking of hiring a pro?

Unless that pro has had experience reviewing grant proposals as a panelist, you will only get one side of the picture – the grantseeker’s side.

You need to understand what a successful grant proposal is from the perspective of the person deciding the fate of your application – the grant reviewer.

The Grantwriting 101 Wrap Report mindset and strategy is a way of growing your art career and your bottom line at the same time.

Tell me more about the Grantwriting 101 Wrap Report

OK, so what will all of this great information do for you?

If you have a dream as precious to you as the one I had to become a published childrens’ book author, the answer is simple:

This will change your life.

Imagine getting a phone call telling you that you got a grant before you even write the application!

How would you feel knowing that you can go to not just one, but several funders who know you and would love to fund your project?

Wouldn’t you feel honored if a funder told you they had extra money and decided to give it to you?

I have seen these things happen to many people including myself.

And they can absolutely happen for you.

The key is that you have to see this for yourself and be willing to work hard to make that precious dream of yours come true.

I am on a mission to make you the best candidate for a grant by telling you what really happens when a grant panel meets.

Everyone who joined the Grantwriting 101 Tutorial got tons of information, case studies, examples and most important – the rare peek at the grant panelist’s perspective.

For those of you who missed the Tutorial, I have some good news!

I am really excited about the Grantwriting 101 Wrap Report which I am putting the finishing touches on.

It will contain the key points, insights – all the good stuff –  from the Grantwriting 101 Tutorial and more!

Not only will you get all of the information from the Grantwriting 101 Tutorial teleseminar calls, you will also get:

  • exclusive interviews with prominent funders
  • a resource guide of websites and services to put everything you need to write a winning grant at your fingertips

I want all of you to make that big dream of yours come true.

Let’s start with giving you the confidence about your ability to turn your funders into your raving fans and your grant proposals into award letters.


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