1. Can you tell us about your QAF funded project?

Our funded project is titled "Along the Yangtze River". It will take place in Flushing Town Hall at 7pm on May 14th, 2016. Asia’s longest river, the Yangtze River, has played a critical role in the development of Chinese history and civilization.  Throughout Chinese history, a rich musical culture flourished along its southern banks. Beginning in the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) the pipa travelled along the Silk Road from northwest China. When the pipa reached the Jiangnan region, its unique timbre blended with the melodious southern musical aesthetics. Through conversation and performance, pipa virtuoso Zhou Yi of the Ba Ban Chinese Music Society guides the audience through the diverse music of southern China. She is joined by master musicians of Silk and Bamboo music, Chinese folk song, Tanci (music storytelling), and Kunqu opera. From the ancient music of China to contemporary East/West works, Zhou Yi leads the audience on a journey through tradition and modernity.

2. How do you think this project will impact the community?

Queens is a diverse community. We in Ba Ban feel that our music can reach out and touch everyone of different backgrounds, and there is always something for people to enjoy. The music has the ability to connect with people of all nationalities. After all, music is a universal language. The live performance of Chinese music can bring out an appreciation of Chinese culture and heritage.   

3. How has QCA been helpful in the grant process?

The funds provided by QCA will cover some of the artist expenses.

4. Here is your chance, what do you want everyone to know about your organization?

Ba Ban Chinese Music Society is honored to be considered perhaps the finest professional Chinese music organization in the United States. It is our privilege to present true Chinese culture through music to the New York area and throughout America.