The Astoria Choir works to provide world-class choral music experiences to singers and audiences in the community of Astoria, New York.

The choir's story begins in 2010.  Founded by our artistic director, Adam Eggleston, we were just 35 singers known as The Astoria Symphonic Choir, and we worked under the auspices of the Astoria Symphony Orchestra.  

1. Can you tell us about your QAF funded project?

The Astoria Choir will perform the Brahms Requiem performance on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 8pm at Redeemer Episcopal Church in Astoria, NY. This is piece is one of Brahms' greatest and extensive works, consisting of choir, soloists and orchestra. 

2. How do you think this project will impact the community?

This performance will continue our mission of bringing world-class choral music to the neighborhood of Astoria and greater Queens. 

3. How has QCA been helpful in the grant process?

The QCA made the grant process extremely smooth with easy to follow guidelines and the proper support if we had questions.  

4. Here is your chance, what do you want everyone to know about your organization?

The Astoria Choir brings together different types of people from Astoria and throughout NY with varying levels of musicianship, giving them the opportunity to come together to sing choral music that is both challenging and beautiful.