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1. Can you tell us about your QAF funded project?

The Dream Unfinished is an activist orchestra which promotes awareness for civil rights issues and organizations through concerts and presentations. QAF is funding two events that are part of our 2016 Sing Her Name Season:

Mothers of Music

An afternoon of chamber music celebrating female composers of color / Queens Museum / Sunday, May 8, 1:30 PM/ Free Admission

Counterpoint: Classical Music and Nina Simone

Concert and conversation on the impact of the classical canon on Nina Simone's sound with composer/pianist Courtney Bryan, which will also discuss Nina Simone's musical impact on the world of activism / Terraza 7 /Thursday, July 10, 7 PM / $10 cover

2. How do you think this project will impact the community?

In a 2014 survey conducted by the Baltimore Symphony, they found that female composers account for only 1.8% of all works performed. Even worse are statistics of female composers of color, who were about 0.6% of all works performed. By exclusively programming female composers and revealing the diversity that exists in classical music, we hope to advocate for these artists and bring more audiences to their music. In engaging with the music of Nina Simone and discussing her history as an activist and classical musician, we hope to also increase public discourse on issues of racism that are systemic to classical music, and how we can promote performance practices which are inclusive to a greater diversity of participants.  

3. How has QCA been helpful in the grant process?

QCA has been extraordinarily supportive in answering all questions related to our application throughout the entire grant process. We are incredibly indebted to them for their support. 

4. Here is your chance, what do you want everyone to know about your organization?

The Dream Unfinished is an activist orchestra, and we are committed to making noise for social justice. Whether it is on the stage, in the crowd, or at the mic, we ask you to be an instrument for change and join us today. Learn more about the founding of The Dream Unfinished in our viral video, and visit us at www.thedreamunfinished.org.