We are so proud of our graduating seniors! 

They are all off to great schools where I am sure they will excel in their arts community.  For this post three of our students share where they are headed next year, their experiences in HS2AS, and how their interest in the arts has developed.

Delia Cadman, Cooper Union
My work often borrows from art history to raise questions about how we live in our own time. I am interested in exploring the relationship between the individual and society. I am very passionate about painting, but often I find that other mediums are more conducive to expressing my ideas.






Pierre Fajardo, Fashion Institute of Technology
I joined HS2AS to enhance my skills and understanding of art. HS2AS has helped me translate my personal thoughts and experiences. When making self-portraits, I focus on identity and its hidden aspects as a way to communicate intimacy. I've been exposed to different media and their different uses and limitations. Overall, I'm still finding ways to effectively express original ideas and relate them to others, not just myself.




Esmé Bleecker-Adams, Fordham University
My first session of HS2AS was summer 2015, and I love it here. Mostly I like drawing and painting, as well as amateur sewing, and absolutely anything involving bright colors. I am inspired by Sol LeWitt and am in love with Impressionism, and when I grow up I want to be an art teacher.