Varsha K. Shah, Dancer and Movement-Based Artist

Varsha K. Shah, Dancer and Movement-Based Artist

QCA’S grant writing workshop happened when I was in the process of applying for NYFA - Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. Their grant writing workshop helped me to get into the NYFA program by providing:

  • structure and format for organizing my ideas i.e. (lots of white spaces, consistency, bullets, short simple sentences with short paragraphs and clarity). 
  • a sneak-peak into the mindset of the grant panels.
  • practical insight that removed fear from my mind about grant panels by giving me assurance that panelists are nice people, they love artists, and genuinely want us to see us win.
  • different types of samples to be sent along with the application.
  • strategies for making sure that you have the best proposal possible like sharing it with someone who doesn't know you or much about your work. 

As an artist, I believe that creating joy is the true purpose of our work and lives. I learned that it's important to mention this even while writing a grant. As artists, we need money to support and create our work and that's why it’s important to write grant proposals. Think about how your work will make a difference in people’s lives and society. The rest will follow.

*Varsha K. Shah is a winner of and participant in the 2017 NYFA Immigrant Artists Mentoring Program. She has diligently attended QCA's grant writing workshops this year and shared with us how our workshops have helped her with the proposal writing process.