On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, LAB will present developmental works from our Artist Peer Circle program for visual artists. Through QCA’s peer circle programs artists of all disciplines meet in a small group once a month for nine months to provide one another a support system that benefits their professional development. Led by 2017 ArtHotel Artist-in-Residence and former peer circle participant Erin Treacy, the visual artist peer circle participants included Susan Varo, Fina Yeung, Damali Abrams, Viviane Aquino, and Paula Frisch. They each shared how the Artist Peer Circle program has benefitted their artistic endeavors.

ERIN TREACY | APC facilitator, APC alumni 2012 | Sunnyside | Visual Artist, mostly drawing and painting  

“In 2012, when I first participated I was able to clean up my studio administration practice and build a pop-up exhibition schedule. As a facilitator this past year, it was great timing to remind myself of reflective questioning and bring it into my studio practice as I focused on the concept. Continuously questioning your conceptual practice and the business side of being an artist is important, the monthly accountability allows you to think long-term on project goals.” 


DAMALI ABRAMS | Southeast Queens | Mixed media collage, video, performance, installation

“The Artist Peer Circle program has been helpful to bounce ideas off of each other as well as hear what others are working on. It has been inspiring and motivating. It's also fun to help other artists to brainstorm.”

VIVIANE AQUINO | Astoria | Visual Artist

“The peer circle gave me more focus and it helped to see my daily challenges can be shared with peers. Sometimes, while not having a straight solutions to some issues it was a great deal of support! We artists need each other’s energy.”

PAULA FRISCH | Queens, NYC | Mixed media, textiles

“The Artist Peer Circle program has been a monthly ritual of support and creative energies. It has been a time to share thoughts, concerns, accomplishments and struggles. I have really appreciated how much we learn from each other's perspective and experiences. Peer groups are so important for artists to have opportunity to talk about work, get feedback and build relationships.”

“It's a great way to get to know a new cohort of artists outside of your existing network. The opportunity to learn from artists working in different media, following different career paths and utilizing different creative processes is truly invaluable.”


FINA YEUNG | Glendale, NY | Mixed media artist

The peer circle program helped me refocus on my creative process and start new drawings and paintings. I found the opportunity of sharing my artistic process helped to understand more my goals being an artist and the steps needed for achieving them. It is also helpful that we shared resources on business-related topics. Moreover, the supportive environment and feedback from other artists generated new questions and ideas for my ongoing creative journey.”

This is a program for artists who need a supportive group to nurture their creative ideas and make progress on new projects. It is an opportunity to share the passion of being an artist and learn from other professionals. Their opinions and interests may help make progress on your projects.”

SUSAN VARO | Corona | Painter

My participation in the Artists Peer Circle has introduced me to a great group of artists which has helped me to not only look to my own strengths as a visual artist but, also broadened my options by introducing opportunities to me that I did not know was available.  What I would tell another artist about the program is to allow themselves to be immersed in this opportunity to learn about themselves, share and empower their creative process, be open to listening to other artists to learn about themselves and offer their insights and desires and goals and be ready to take on new opportunities.  Also, share what they know and have learned.”