I'm an artist. should i apply to the queens art fund or artist commissioning program?

We realize that, as an artist, it might not be clear which opportunity is right for you. So our programming staff have put together a resource to help you figure out which grant is the right fit. Spoiler: it might be that you should apply to both!

As you may know, Queens Council on the Arts has two upcoming opportunities for individual artists: The Artist Commissioning Program accepts applications from individual artists (as well as Art Producers, but more on that later). Queens Art Fund's New Works Grant is also intended for individual artists. 

Here's an infographic that breaks down the basics in terms of eligibility, project scope, and award amount.

ACP v QAF chart pg 1.jpg
ACP v QAF chart pg 2.jpg

The best way to learn more about each program is to check out each individual page's website. 

For more information, please see:

The Artist Commissioning Program page for individual artists

The Queens Art Fund New Works Grant page

If you have a question that was not addressed on the website or FAQs page, feel free to contact us OR sign up for an upcoming information session (see ACP's upcoming information sessions and QAF New Work's upcoming information sessions). 

For QAF related questions, please contact: 

Dan Bamba
QAF Grants Manager

For ACP related questions, please contact: 

Kelly Olshan
ACP Program Manager

We wish you happy writing!