Thinking of applying to our High School to Art School program? Helping our student or child put together the application? Here are a few tips to make your application stand out.

But first, more important than any of these tips is the deadline:
be sure to get your application in by June 1!

be thorough


You don’t have to write a novel, but roughly a solid paragraph per question can’t hurt - enough to give us a sense of who you are and why you want to attend this program. When we see one or two incomplete sentences, we wonder if you really invested in participating in this program. Also, be sure to use formal language rather than something you would put in a text message or email. Capitalize your “i”s, use punctuation - edit your writing the same way you would if you were submitting an important paper for school.

2. don’t be shy about sharing why you need the program


Everyone likes to be needed, and our program is no exception. In fact, the purpose of the program is to make an incredible arts education accessible (and get you into a great art school, of course). So if you want to be part of High School to Art School because your school doesn’t offer many art programs, or your parents can’t afford to send you to a tuition-based program, tell us! These are things that we really care about.

3. it’s not all about the portfolio (really)


We would much rather have a student that is passionate, committed, and wants to learn than someone who has it all figured it out (because no one does). Or maybe you do have it all figured out, in which case we applaud you, but then why do you need the program (see point #2)?

You can say, for instance, that your observational drawing skills aren’t where you want them to be right now, and that you’d like to work on them. That’s a good reason to apply to this program! We honestly look more for interest and dedication than a perfect portfolio.

4. do your homework


Before applying, make sure to read through our High School to Art School Page, and get a sense of what session is right for you (spoiler: it could be all of them; we have students that start with us in the Spring, and continue on through our Summer and Fall Sessions, and we welcome that). But think about it: if you’re convinced, say, that the Summer Session is perfect for you, and you tell us why, we’ll be more likely to agree.

5. check your email


While this may hardly feel like a tip, but we have students that make it all the way to our interview process - or are even accepted into the program - and we never hear back from them. And we have to give away their spot to another candidate. How else are we supposed to get in touch with you? We don’t have the budget for a carrier pigeon.

Now that you’re armed with the best information, take the next step!

All researched and ready? Go ahead and apply for the Summer Session here! We just ask a few questions and for some images of your work.

Learn about what the Summer Program has to offer, review the program schedule, read about our accomplished alumni, and more.