Kevin, Matilda & Masud

Kevin, Matilda & Masud


Willie and his guys are piecing together pieces of not one, but two, different gym floors.

I like that.

And the story behind it, and the stories that will be built upon it.

This will be a space for working artists, for the creative process, for people walking down 47th avenue to see people making things in the street level window galleries. 

“You want that feeling of building something from nothing. Putting stuff together in a quirky creative way. Isn’t that what artists do?” Enrica poked the slats with her shoe. The guys started drilling. 

Our team is growing

Our team is growing


I couldn’t agree more. There is something deeply satisfying about giving new energy to a floor that lived a full life in a different form. How a choreographer will be placing dancers on the same wood that basketballs once bounced on. How high school seniors will gather cross legged with their sketchbooks open to practice life drawing skills where countless teams of young gym students practised their full court press drills.

Speaking about stories, here’s another one:

Kevin, pictured with his colleague, Matilda, is a High School to Art School alum who went to art college, graduated and runs his own graphic design company, For Good Measure.

He won the bid to do the branding and marketing work for Queens Council on the Arts, a project generously funded by the Altman Foundation. 

How cool is that? 

What a pleasure it is to see his future forming, his career coming together and for us to be on the receiving end of his maturing talent. 

Piecing together the floor

Piecing together the floor


Just like the gym floors, his work will become part of the evolving, unexpected, curious, crazy quilt story of our new space. 

Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer is the Executive Director of the Queens Council on the Arts.

You can find her here:

Instagram @hoongyeelee

Twitter @hylkrakauer