Travis, Kate, Willie & Angela

Travis, Kate, Willie & Angela


Yes, we are all just fine. 

There are different levels on the floor on our side and on the other side but Angela is going to check with management to see if we can create some kind of ramp. Just another construction detail.

“The width of the gym floors is different so you’ll see how we had to fit them together,” Willie tapped the floor with his boot. “Nice wood, maple.”


“Weren’t the condensers in the front of the space last time we were here,” asked Hoong Yee.

“Let’s check the roof,” Angela started walking to the back of the space with Kate.

Don’t try this at home

Don’t try this at home


“Nope, no condensers up here,” Angela called down. Kate was already on the roof snapping pictures. 

“The HVAC guys should be done by tomorrow and they’ll get them up there, one, two, three,” said Willie. I think he was more amazed that Angela could actually get down the ladder in heels than getting the condensers up on the roof with a crane.

Facing 47th avenue

Facing 47th avenue


On the right side, Willie has the areas for the office, kitchen area, one artist studio and the bathrooms blocked out. The walls should be up by our next meeting.

“We’re going to have our next board meeting in here,” Hoong Yee gestured to the open conference room area where the last of the gym flooring was being pieced together. “Do you think I should get hard hats for everyone?”


I think that’s a yes.

Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer is the Executive Director of the Queens Council on the Arts.

You can find her here: 

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