• Bayside Library (map)
  • 214-20 Northern Boulevard
  • Bayside, NY, 11361
  • United States

2015 QAF Event

New York, NY (September 11, 2015) Erhu master musician and composer Wang Guowei is joined by pipa soloist Sun Li in a free community concert at the Bayside Library on Saturday, Oct. 3 at 2:30 pm. The 2-string fiddle erhu and the pear-shaped lute pipa are two of the most virtuosic traditional Chinese instruments. The duo performs repertoire dating from ancient dynasties to regional folk music and contemporary work.

The passage from past to present demonstrates the enduring sound and musical versatility of the instruments reflected in a diverse repertoire. Wang Guowei’s highly nuanced performance on the erhu brings out its vocal and evocative qualities in the ancient tune Autumn Moon Over Han Palace and early 20th century masterwork Reflection of the Moon in the Erquan Pool. The pipa’s solo repertoire spans from the Ming dynasty classical grand opus Ambush on Ten Sides to the contemporary composition Dance of the Yi Ethnic Minority. The musicians perform duo in folk genres with distinct regional colors and musical styles, culminating in newly composed music.