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Catherine Lan 藍巧茹 (Visual), Beryl Chen 陳韋竹(Video), Shuo-An Chen陳芍安(music) - a single channel video projection of In the Mists of Lights and Shades: a collaborative project)

In Mists of Lights and Shades, Lan explores new possibilities in her cut faux fur paintings with videographer Chen by focusing landscape projections onto the fur relief. Lan uses a technique she terms “eliminating”: she cuts out the faux fur with scissors, producing relief-like “paintings.” The process is spontaneous and irreversible, reflecting the fact that “nothing can go back.” Ironically, the waterfall in Chen’s projection is played in reverse. Shuo-An Chen’s ambient music that depicts nature, wind, and birds, is conditioned by scissors cutting, ambulance sirens, and NYC subway sounds. The word “cut” also means to sing, play, or act for a recording. Mists of Lights and Shades is a quartet that explores the recording of a moment – Each artist acts out the “cut”– Lan’s semi-abstract landscape relief painting that invites viewers to touch it; B. Chen’s landscape projection that mirrors, fuses and completes the piece; S. Chen’s composed natural sounds;  and Chi’s dance that expresses the fauna and flora.

A different version of this piece, involving no projections but instead interactive dance organized by Ya-ting Chi will take place August 22nd and 23rd at the Queens Botanical Garden

On view: August 20, 5pm-8pm, 2015