The sculpture (below) is called Rock Relics, 2017 by Esther A. Grillo

Welded steel, Rockaway Playland Roller Coaster steel chain (1901), 6 Star of Davids from desanctiified Ohab Zedic Synagogue (1929), 2" x4" wood from pre-Super Storm Sandy boardwalk (1976),  Cast iron, 6" x 7.5' steel 'I ' beam.

The ' Rock Relics'  sculpture is created by using actual artifacts celebrating uniquely Rockaway places and things. I started by fashioning a length of the Rockaway Playland Roller coaster chain so that it  created a feeling of motion. Six Star of David's from the de-sanctified Ohab Zedec Temple were combined to create the gears seemingly propelling the once daily flight of the 'Concord' that shook the very ground we stood on. Fittingly, the piece rests on original Rockaway boardwalk wood decking.

14 Sculptors Inc, is a 2017 Queens Arts Fund Awardee