Join us one more time for the last residency reception of the Malba Arts Project. Artist Tiffany Smith closes out the summer with MEET ME IN MALBA: Caribbean Queens of Queens Edition. Part open studio, part multi culti potluck, the artist embraces her best domestic self to bring you a Summer Sunday unlike any other in New York City. 


Malba, NY A tropical girl lands in the suburbs of Queens, NY, hilarity and hijinx ensue...

For the season finale of Malba Arts Project, artist Tiffany Smith will host a “Multi Culti Potluck” and open studio affair in one of the most charming houses in Malba, Queens. Connecting the nostalgia of her own island homes to the experience of inhabiting the home of a lovely Greek family rooted in the neighborhood since 1978, Tiffany will take on the role of hostess with the mostess, inviting visitors to experience this lovely home through her own tropical filter. When you hear the island rhythms blaring, you’ll know you’ve arrived!

Site specific and user engaged installations and experiences inspired by the unique decor of the home and neighborhood will be presented throughout the house to be enjoyed while imbibing in rum and joyfully commiserating. A reading room appointed with literature about Caribbean life will host tarot readings by a wannabe Ms. Cleo throughout the evening, and the “S.S. Kiwi” will be docked in the yard for you to ride her fruity sails to a sea of selfies!

Please bring a dish, beverage, or dessert from a place you call home and help us share cultural experiences via culinary adventures. Tiffany’s world famous Caribbean Curry is on the menu along with Greek spanakopita (spinach pie) home made by the lady of the house. 

Come eat! Come dance! Come laugh! Come and cling to the last shreds of summer and catch a vibe in Tiffany’s pretend summer home! The more the merrier, the merrier the better.

The Malba Arts Project is made possible thanks to a New Works Grant from the Queens Council on the Arts

MEET ME IN MALBA: Caribbean Queen of Queens Edition
Hosted by Tiffany Smith
Sunday, August 27th, 2017
3 PM - 9 PM

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Malba Arts Project
42 Boulevard
Malba, NY 11357