A. King McCarty

A. King McCarty

A. King McCarty was chosen from a pool of applicants based upon criteria that included artistic excellence, a public engagement experience and a clear proposal of art activity to happen during the ArtHotel residency.  The public is invited into Springhill Suites LaGuardia (112-15 Northern Boulevard, Corona, New York 11368 USA) to experience the creative process on the following dates:

Thursday Feb 22 1pm-5pm
Mon, February 26, 1pm - 5pm
Wed, February 28, 1pm - 5pm
Mon, March 5, 1pm - 5pm
Wed, March 8, 1pm - 5pm
Thurs, March 9, 1pm - 5pm
Mon, March 12, 2pm-5pm
Fri, March 16, 1pm - 5pm
Sun, March 18, 4pm - 6pm


A. King McCarty is a multidisciplinary artist and writer living in Queens. As the creator of Splendid Astoria, AKM produces art based on all the details, both small and large, that make Queens such a magical place to call home. Recent exhibitions include the Plaxall Gallery, Queens, Artists Image Resource Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA and the Backlot Arts Festival, Queens. AKM lives near Astoria Park with a beloved husband and many, many plants, is a proud volunteer with the Astoria Park Alliance and a member of Long Island City Artists. 


The QCA ArtHotel residency is intended to give artists a safe place to focus on their work in the public realm, build different audiences, and be seen making work within the Queens community.  In turn this will give access to the public to a working artist’s process. This residency is also intended to build the value of local working artists in an attempt to revise the narrative of displacement due to gentrification and development borough-wide.