How often can you slow down to take in a single piece of art?

Be with it long enough to observe what comes up in body and mind as you stand before it?

What happens when you are moved or choose to simply move with other people?

Shaping the Container is an invitation to engage with an art piece made by Jackson Heights’ visual artist Carla Lobmier, while taking the time to fully experience how the art can lead/shape a moving response. Jackson Heights’ movement artist, Weena Pauly-Tarr, collaborates with Carla to guide participants through relaxation, movement and an opportunity for choice in response to the art presented. These sessions are open to any adults interested in art, movement and reflection.  Registration is required to reserve your spot. Carla’s book, Grace in Dwelling, her Jackson Height’s project about happy home will also be available for purchase at the events.

Carla and Weena met at Weena’s ReConnect workshop August 2017 and live one block apart in Jackson Heights.

Saturday, May 26, 4 pm
Saturday, May 26, 6 pm
Saturday, June 9, 4 pm
Saturday, June 9, 6 pm

81-10 37th Avenue, 2nd floor
2nd Story Pilates + Yoga
Jackson Heights, NY

Registration is required to reserve a spot. There is no fee.