The Blue Bus Project is pleased to present (H)OUR FAMILY DAY Workshop!, a series of four day-long interdisciplinary art based workshops for the children and women of Hour Children and the members of its community. HC is a Queens nonprofit organization that helps incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children to reunite with the community and families, and rebuild their lives.

Artists Annalisa Iadicicco and Sara Galassini join forces to engage the mentioned population in visual arts, music, dance and theater practices.
Annalisa Iadicicco will involve the children in the creation of artistic treasures with reclaimed objects.
Sara Galassini will share movement, rhythm, theater games and sound meditation practices with the women of HC for self and group explorations that are aimed to connect the women and further empathic and team building practices, growing a deeper sense of belonging within the community.

The (H)OUR FAMILY DAY Workshop! will run from Aug 2nd to Aug 20th in the outside parking lot of St Rita’s Roman Catholic Church at 36-25 11th Street Long Island City and hosted by “The Blue Bus Project” (TBBP), a school bus that functions as mobile art gallery and incubator for artists and communities to merge through playful interactions, and to stimulate discussion and promote social change.
During the workshops the participants will create artworks that will be presented in a final exhibition in The Blue Bus. For info on where and when the exhibition will be help go to: thebluebusproject.com

Collaborating with HC presents a bigger step in TBBP’ s history because of the extent of its possible impact and the particular population that it’s aimed to.
This challenge forces TBBP to strategize effective ways to impact a wide range of individuals, creating a comprehensive opportunity for the women and children of HC to explore artistic practices in a communal exchange with other members of the community. Thus, offering possibilities for self-expression and fostering alternative ways to build communal understanding and reintegration. https://www.thebluebusproject.com/

Thursday, Aug 2nd                 
Monday, Aug 6th                                
Thursday, Aug 9th                                  
Monday, Aug 20th
From 11am - 4pm

The Blue Bus will be parked in the
outside parking lot of St Rita’s Roman Catholic Church
36-25 11th Street Long Island City