2019 New Work Grantee Moira Lo Bianco (dīōd composer duo) presents “Suite For a Steel Garden” DīōDcomposer duo is composed of Moira Lo Bianco - piano, and Quentin Chiappetta - electronics


Suite for a Steel Garden
An immersive sound installation in the Panorama of the City of New York
by composer duo dīōd
Oct 27 2019 2:00pm–4:30pm

Suite for a Steel Garden is an immersive multi-channel original composition scored for piano and electronics by composer duo dīōd. Using field recordings taken from the diverse neighborhoods of Queens and the sound of the piano, the piece brings the diversity of the borough to musical life.

Performed around the museum’s famous Panorama of the city, audience members move through the space during the performance so that the music, just like the sound of the city, surrounds them.

Moira Lo Bianco, Piano
Quentin Chiappetta, Electronics

About dīōd:
dīōd is the performing duo of composers Moira Lo Bianco and Quentin Chiappetta. Dedicated to bringing the living composer to the audience, dīōd champions the creation and performance of new works grounded in formal composition while expanding the concept of sound as musical expression. Utilizing both traditional and extended performance techniques for piano, electronics and the live manipulation of sound, dīōd aims to create a new sonic vocabulary. dīōd is most comfortable in non-traditional settings, creating immersive works that surround an audience and turn the concert experience inside out.

Queens Museum event link: https://queensmuseum.org/events/suite-for-a-steel-garden