• Flushing Library (map)
  • 41-17 Main Street
  • Flushing, NY, 11355

Guowei Wang (New Work Grantee) Autumn Moon Over a Tranquil Lake

Saturday, September 21, at 2 PM
Flushing Library, 41-17 Main St. Flushing, NY 11355

Erhu artist and composer Wang Guowei and guest musicians celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, a popular tradition in the Chinese community. A mixed quartet of erhu, pipa, ruan and Western flute performs music with themes of the moon, nightscapes, and nostalgia. This event is the premiere of Wang Guowei’s “Autumn Moon Over a Tranquil Lake” which references the perfect moon as an important cultural icon.

Wang Guowei, erhu
Sun Li, pipa
Susan Cheng, daruan
Anna Urrey, flute


View a sample at : https://youtu.be/sUMY9pFQPGA
(Artists: Wang Guowei (erhu), Anna Urrey (flute), Michael Katz (cello), Javor Bracic (piano)