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Are you interested in commissioning artists to create new art works?

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"Being an art producer is a really exciting experience. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to select the artists, & to build out the arts & culture matrix in Jamaica, Queens"

Brendez Wineglass, 2017-18 Art Producer (Jamaica)

what (and who) is an art producer?

An Art Producer can be a community member, art lover, and artist with a passion for the arts. As an Art Producer, you will be responsible for selecting two artists to receive a $10,000 commission, and working with them to support their project and creative practice throughout the year long program. You will be support system throughout the entire artistic process, helping the artists find a project premiere venue, serving as a sound board for artistic ideas, and organizing events for you to showcase your work. If you are interested in supporting Queens artists, art making, and the cultural vitality of the borough, then you would make a great art producer.

Want examples? Read about our 2017-18 art producers.

Art producers at ACP Awardee in Music Composition's rehearsal at Spaceworks LIC; photo by Chris Mena

Art producers at ACP Awardee in Music Composition's rehearsal at Spaceworks LIC; photo by Chris Mena

an art producer, you will:

  • Be part of a commissioning process and experience the creative process of an artist

  • Support Queens artists who create inclusive new performance works that reflect authentic, diverse cultural backgrounds and stories by commissioning two new plays, musical scores, and/or choreographic works

  • Participate in thoughtful discussions about where the gaps in American cultural gaps are, and select the diverse stories you believe are not being told in a panel process

  • Participate in monthly art events, as well as the artists’ dress rehearsals and world premieres

  • Become part of a new arts support culture of Queens artists, patrons and audiences

  • Grow widespread recognition of Queens as a place where artists are supported to contribute works to the American canon


Anyone who lives in Queens with an interest and appreciation for the arts can participate as an art producer. You need not be an artist or otherwise currently involved in the arts. We encourage people from different fields and perspectives to apply! Preference will be given to Jamaica and Flushing residents. If selected, we will ask you to provide proof of residency.


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Neighborhoods: Jamaica & Flushing

Every year, ACP focuses on two Queens neighborhoods to enable artists & art producers to create art for their own communities. This year, the neighborhoods are Jamaica and Flushing. For this reason, programming will be largely concentrated in these two areas.

reconceptualizing the role of an "art patron"

Queens Council on the Arts designed the role of an Art Producer to provide a way to engage with artists and art beyond traditional roles, such as that of a ticket buyer, consumer, or donor.  Being an Art Producer will enable you to become part of a new arts support culture, helping grow widespread recognition of Queens as a place where artists are supported and contribute works to the American canon.

Queens is the most diverse county in the United States. If we want performing artwork in Queens that reflects this cultural diversity, we need to support artists that create it. This is why the artists selected for this program will be those who tell untold stories, fly under the radar of the cultural mainstream, or too often go underrepresented.

details & logistics

After participating in the selection panel, you will engage with artists during the creation and presentation of the work during monthly events such as studio visits, artist talks, and professional development events. In the Fall of 2019, you will attend and participate in the artists’ final dress rehearsals and world premieres. These events will enhance Queens as a supportive ecosystem of artists, art producers, and audiences.

Art producers organize & participate in monthly events to engage in the creative process

Art producers organize & participate in monthly events to engage in the creative process


The second year of the Artist Commissioning Program will run from November 2018 to September 2019 with the following program timeline:

  • August 15, 2018 Applications Open

  • October 12, 2018 Application Deadline

  • October 29 - November 1, 2018 Art Producer Interviews

  • November 5 - 9, 2018 Art Producers Notification

  • November 14, 2018 Art Producer Orientation

  • December 4 & Wednesday, December 5 PANELS: ART PRODUCERS SELECT ARTISTS**

  • December 14, 2018 Kickoff party with selected artists

  • January - August 2019 Monthly events, such as Art Salons, Artist Talks, & Studio Visits

  • September 2019 Artists' World Premieres

**All art producers must participate in one of two panels to take place on Tuesday, December 4 and Wednesday, December 5. This is a requirement for participating in the program.**

selection criteria

Art Producers will be selected based on: 

  • Demonstrated capacity to serve as a resource and support system for Queens-based artists

  • Rationale for participation

  • Passion for cultivating the unique stories and cultural influences characteristic of the borough

  • Commitment to the program, as demonstrated by the candidate's willingness to 1) consistently designate their time over the course of the year-long program and 2) contribute a one-time participation fee in the amount of a $100

  • Interest in developing an arts infrastructure that supports Queens artists both during and after the Artist Commissioning Program


Art Producers will commit to 1-year participation in the ACP where they are expected to:

  • Participate in one of two peer panels to select 2 artists (4 total) who will each receive a $10,000 commission

  • Pay a $100 commissioning fee to participate, demonstrating your investment in the program and interest in independently supporting artists in the future following the completion ACP (due prior to October 12 Selection Panel)

  • Actively contribute to growing a creative, diverse network of arts supporters and artists

  • Attend scheduled program events including the world premieres

All applications are due by 11:59 pm on October 16, 2018.