meet the 2018-19
artist commissioning program awardees

claire maRie lim


ACP PROJECT: colors of us

Colors of Us will feature new musical material created in collaboration with female-identifying youths of Asian descent residing or having roots in Queens. “As a woman of East Asian descent pursuing music technology in the United States, I am aware of how I am a minority in the field. This is the very reason I avidly support the representation of diverse identities in the arts and in entertainment,” says Claire. The collection of music will mostly comprise electronic elements as well as integrate other influences, including traditional music from the cultures of those involved, and will be premiered as a live performance. 

about the artist

Born in Singapore and based in the United States, Claire Marie Lim is a music technologist and interdisciplinary artist. As an advocate of female and Asian representation in electronic music, she is a clinician specializing in audio production, writing, and technology, and has worked with organizations such as Beats By Girlz, SisterSMATR, Girls Rock Campaign, and Women in Music.

Under her artist project “dolltr!ck”, Claire performs as a live electronic act and creates works that fuse electronica, hip hop, future bass, and dance music. Painting soundscapes and building with synths, drum machines, and controllers, dolltr!ck aims to engage emotions and highlight ideas related to the human condition. She is a proud DJ for Alphabet Rockers, a Grammy-nominated group that spreads messages of social justice and empowerment to children and youths via hip hop music and dance.