Be a Queens Arts Fund PANELIST!



QAF panelists are experienced cultural professionals with a commitment to the development of the arts and culture in Queens. Each QCA panelist has knowledge of Queens communities, and expertise in an artistic discipline, arts administration, or community arts programming.

 QCA strives to create a fair and impartial panel environment that is representative of the diversity of the borough, and therefore seeks to craft panels that are diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender, age, culture, geographic representation, and artistic focus.

How Does it Work?

QAF Grants recommendations are made by process of peer review.  All panels are selected, trained and administered by QCA staff. 

Selected Panelists will be assigned to one panel and will receive an online panel packet that includes applications submitted by applicants, a panel handbook, funding criteria and other required paperwork. 

Panelists will review and pre-evaluate and pre-score each application prior to their deliberation meeting.

On the panel day, panelists deliberate to decide on funding recommendations with their peers.

Panels have three rounds of discussion based upon the criteria prior to making recommendations.

Panels will convene at the end of November and the first week of December.  QCA hosts about 10 panel meetings a year, and can recruit up to 80 volunteer panelists, depending on number of applications submitted for the grant cycle.

A separate QAF panel comprised of QCA staff and QCA board members decides the level of funding, based upon the QAF panel recommendations.


Panel service requires a 15 hour commitment (8 hours of preliminary application review, 7 hours of panel meeting), depending on number of applications per panel. A modest honorarium is provided. 

Panelists are required to:

  • Read all applications in their category prior to the panel review meeting and complete a preliminary evaluation of the applications. Depending on discipline category, panelists are usually asked to read about 40 applications.

  • Attend the panel review meeting (9:30 am - 5:00 pm)

  • Attend two or more funded events in the calendar year


 A QAF staff member will contact you and request your resume and a short paragraph explaining why you are interested in serving as a panelist and your connection to the Queens community.

 Because of the need to form well-balanced panels, we may not be able to consider all the qualified people who are nominated. However, it is very helpful to have a pool of candidates for future years.

If you would like to nominate yourself, or another community leader or arts professional whom you believe would be a valuable addition to a QAF panel, please complete the form below.