meet the 2018-19
artist commissioning program awardees

guanglei hui


ACP PROJECT: the silent voices

 “The Silent Voices” aims to express the agitation and turmoil that results when external factors destabilize the trajectory of an orderly life. A dream which many people have is one in which they make an effort to scream but are unable to produce a sound, explains Guanglei. “This is the situation for those who are newly arrived in America. The barriers to entry into mainstream American life are overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable. Problems with language, cultural misunderstandings, uncertain legal status, and recently a climate of increased hostility and intolerance, all have left the newly arrived immigrant in a position of vulnerability but with a meager ability to produce an audible sound and be heard.” Using the metaphor of the silent scream, this new choreographic work will draw attention to the experience of the Chinese as well as other immigrants belonging to the Flushing community.

about the artist

Originally from China, Guanglei is an independent artist, choreographer, dancer and teacher. He studied at The Russian National Ballet Dance Academy from 2001-2003 and earned a major in Choreography/ Classical Ballet Performance with Education. While studying in Russia, he took second place in the Russian International Dance Competition. In 2005, Guang-lei joined the first modern dance company in China, Guangdong Modern Dance Company. In 2008, he was invited to perform with GMDC in the anniversary celebration of the Pina Bausch Dance Company. He was invited as a young choreographer for Yokohama Dance Collection in 2011; and in 2012, he was invited to participate in the International Choreographers Residency Program (ICR) at the American Dance Festival. In 2013, Guang-lei joined White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company. He began working with Shen Wei Dance Arts in 2014.he was invited to Taipei Dance Round Table Project to work on a new original piece. He has toured to international arts festivals in more than twenty countries.