Passenger Relief


Passenger Relief is a sculptural reportage of the energy and activities of LaGuardia Airport captured through drawing, photograph and relief sculpture by Queens-based artist, Sherwin Banfield. This project will take the viewer through the creative process of designing an onsite public sculpture by illustrating inspiration, creative documentation and collective presentation.  

The project begins with the artist exploring LaGuardia Airport in an attempt to capture the energy of its moving parts, seen and unseen by passengers, using onsite drawing and photography in true reportage form. These drawings and photographs will be edited then merged into a design collage for a relief sculpture. The final sculpture will be modeled in clay, casted, painted and presented onsite at the LaGuardia Artport Artist in Residency location for public viewing. The interactions and diversity of arriving and departing passengers, airport security and personnel, pilots and porters will serve as inspiration for the final sculpture design. 

Please note that passengers and personnel are encouraged to participate in the creative process by donating personal objects to be included in the final relief sculpture.

To learn more about the artist, please visit the website: www.sherwinbanfield.com

See the following preparatory sketches by Sherwin made during his residency, as well as studio views of the construction the final Passenger Relief sculpture


The QCA ArtPort Residency is a program of the Queens Council on the Arts, Queens Art Fund that is supported in part by the NYC DCLA, Greater NY Arts Development Fund, in partnership with the NYC Council and in partnership with PANYNJ.