Under the Hood

QCA presents “Under the Hood,” a professional development workshop series where artists can learn the fundamentals of the business of art. During the presentation, attendees will have the chance to experience critiques of up to 3 project plans in an open forum. Artists interested in submitting their projects for review will be registered on a first-come, first-serve basis. The once-a-month workshops will cover areas including Grants Writing, Project Planning, Budget Development, Marketing, and Social Media Strategies.

Varsha K. Shah

Varsha K. Shah

"QCA’S grant writing workshop happened when I was in the process of applying for NYFA - Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. As an artist, I believe that creating joy is the true purpose of our work and lives. I learned that it's important to mention this even while writing a grant. As artists, we need money to support and create our work and that's why it’s important to write grant proposals. Think about how your work will make a difference in people’s lives and society. The rest will follow." ~ Varsha K. Shah

*Varsha is a winner of and participant in the 2017 NYFA Immigrant Artists Mentoring Program. She has diligently attended QCA's Under the Hood workshops this year and shared with us how our workshops have helped her with the proposal writing process.