meet the 2018-19
artist commissioning program awardees

yogi (y?) guyadin

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ACP PROJECT: shooter

“Shooter” is an experimental theater project in which participants confront the complex power dynamics between victim and perpetrator, role-playing as the "shooter" or the "shot" in an incident of gun violence.

about the artist

Y? is an artist/ educator from Jamaica Queens in the small city of New York. After flunking out of school he began a career as an audio engineer, interning at "Electric Lady Studios" learning how music was created professionally by world class musicians. The collapse of the music industry inspired Y? to host monthly showcases raising funds to provide free after school music programs in housing project community centers throughout Queens. From these workshops he was hired by various non-profit organizations to build student centered arts programs and work as a teaching artist creating original music compositions and performances the community. The youth in these programs taught him how to be an artist creating from an authentic space with purpose and intention. Y? uses art as a tool for liberation, and founded a company Creative Expressions to serve others and continue his journey as a lifelong student of expression and the arts. He lives by the mantra "Why not show love?" and his favorite quote is "I don't know".